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Plumbing Services

General plumbing duties and repairs around the Ammanford area involving working with hot and cold water.


  • Moving or changing radiators.
  • Remove and replace toilet pans.
  • Installing washing machines and dishwashers.
  • Fixing dripping taps and running toilet cysterns.
  • Intalling thermostatic radiator valves.
  • Bleeding systems fixing cold radiators.
  • Re-sealing showers and silicone around baths.
  • Changing kitchen taps and sinks.
  • Fitting new showers trays and doors.
  • Changing broken imersion heaters.
  • Repairing pipe leaks and drips.
  • Unblocking sinks and drains.
  • Fit new water and ice dispenser fridges.


Shower, Hand basin And Toilet Fitted Ammanford

Shower, Sink & Toilet Plumbed In


Toilet, Sink And Radiator Plumbing Job Llandeilo

New Radiator, Hand Basin And Toilet Refurbishment